Updated information Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Updated information Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As a result of the temporary closure of all tourist accommodation in the country, decreed by the Government of Spain from March 19, our property is closed to the public, and reservations for future stays cannot be accepted until the new date is decreed for the opening. We want to thank all the clients who have kept their reservations active by accepting the option of a credit to enjoy the stay within a year. Also inform those who have canceled or people interested in booking in the future that we are at your complete disposal to answer questions or request information. You are also pleased to report that at the time of the reopening we will implement a cleaning protocol appropriate to the new demands of the health emergency. We want to offer our clients a comfortable and safe stay, further improving our standard of cleanliness, which has already been valued as excellent by guests who have stayed at La Casa de la Ermita.
We will return as soon as we have updates on the status of our accommodation.
 Take care of yourselves!

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